72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS: Blue American Staffordshire Terriers/ American Pit Bull Terriers. 72GRAYS Tri-Nation

72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS breeds Blue American Staffordshire Terriers/ American Pit Bull Terriers that are registered with UKC and ADBA Kennel Clubs. 72GRAYS bloodlines are Ruffian, Nobels, Razor Edge, and Watchdog72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS is here to better the breed with great temperment, intelligent, family pet,child's guardian, a place in society, great conformation, massive size, very athletic, show quality, boundless courage, and can adapt to almost all conditions except abuse. 72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS has been into the breed for more than 15 years off an on but never claimed a kennel web site until now. 72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS is here for quality not quanity, because we want to show you what the breed is suppose to look like. In the end we are selling you a life long family member just like a son or daughter. Juan Gray is the founder of 72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS with my partner Manson Tarbin. I was given my start from my cousin Benjamin Reese who gave me my first super star male CHAOS. 72GRAYS CHAOS KENNELS is based out of the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area. May GOD bless this world.  

72Grays Tonka Retired
Sgt. Stubby WWI 1917-1926